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Michel Beroff was born in France in 1950. After graduating from the Paris conservatoire in 1966, he won the following year the first prize at the first international Olivier Messiaen piano competition. He has been since considered as one of the most outstanding interpreter of Messiaen’s music.

During the next years he played with the most prestigious orchestras around the world under the direction of  conductors such as Abbado, Barenboim, Bernstein, Boulez, Dohnanyi, Dorati, Dutoit , Eschenbach, Gielen, Inbal, Jochum, Leinsdorf, Masur, Ozawa, Previn, Rostropovitch, Sinopoli, Solti, Tennsted, Tilson-Thomas, Zinman.

As a chamber music partner, he has been very active playing with Martha Argerich, Barabara Hendricks Jean-Philippe Collard, Augustin Dumay, Pierre Amoyal, Lynn Harrell . During the past years, Michel Beroff has been developing a conducting career. He is currently teaching at the Paris Conservatoire.

Exclusive EMI artist for over 20 years, Michel Beroff has published more than 50 recordings ; among them the complete works for piano and orchestra from Liszt, Prokofieff and Stravinsky , conducted by Seiji Ozawa and Kurt Masur. For Deutsche Grammophon, he has recorded Ravel’s left hand concerto with the LSO and Claudio Abbado. His latest recordings includes the complete piano music from Debussy for the Japanese label Denon. Michel Beroff has been awarded five times the “Grand Prix du Disque”.

As a publisher, he participated for Wiener Urtext , to a new edition of Debussy’s piano music. For the japanese network NHK, he realized, in 2006, a serie of fifteen master-classes on french music.

During the last seasons, Michel Beroff played with the LSO under Pierre Boulez, the New-York Philharmonic and Kurt Masur, as well as the London Philarmonic for an extensive tour to England and Spain. He undertook three japanese tours, uncluding one with the Philarmonia with Esa-Peka Salonen , played in concert in Paris the complete works for piano from Debussy and Janacek, and two Prokofieff concerti with the Orchestre de Paris and Christophe Eschenbach. He also toured extensively in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Brasil, Korea and China.

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Michel Béroff est né à Epinal en 1950. Après des études au conservatoire de Nancy, il obtient en 1966 un premier prix de piano au CNSM de Paris dans la classe de Pierre Sancan. L’année suivante , il se voit décerner le premier prix du premier concours international Olivier Messiaen. Il est depuis considéré comme l’un des plus importants interprètes de ce compositeur.

La carrière de Michel Béroff l’a mené dans le monde entier , jouant avec les orchestres les plus prestigieux, sous la direction de chefs tels qu’Abbado, Barenboim, Bernstein, Boulez, Dohnanyi, Dorati, Dutoit, Eschenbach, Gielen, Inbal, Jochum, Leinsdorf, Masur, Ozawa, Previn, Rostropovitch, Sinopoli, Solti, Tennsted, Tilson-Thomas, Zinman. Ses activités de chambriste , l’ont amené à collaborer activement avec Martha Argerich, Barbara Hendricks, Jean-Philippe Collard, Lynn Harrell, Augustin Dumay, Pierre Amoyal .

Malgré une activité intense de soliste, Michel Béroff a commencé une carrière de chef d’orchestre et enseigne au CNSM de Paris depuis 1989. Pour «Wiener Urtext», il a participé a une nouvelle édition des œuvres de Claude Debussy . La télévision japonaise NHK l’a sollicité en 2006 pour une série de quinze master classes autour de la musique française.

Artiste exclusif EMI pendant plus de vingt ans, Michel Beroff a effectué plus de 50 enregistrements, parmi lesquels les œuvres intégrales pour piano et orchestre de Liszt, Prokofieff, et Stravinsky sous la direction de Kurt Masur et Seiji Ozawa, ainsi que des oeuvres de Bach, Brahms, Schumann, Dvorak , Moussorgsky, Saint-Saens, Debussy, Ravel, Messiaen, Stravinsky et Bartok. Pour Deutsche Grammophon, Michel Béroff a enregistré le concerto pour la main gauche de Ravel avec le London Symphony Orchestra sous la direction de Claudio Abbado. Pour la firme Denon, il vient de graver en cinq disques, l’intégrale de la musique pour piano de Claude Debussy. Ses enregistrements ont été primés par cinq “Grand Prix du Disque”.

Durant les dernières saisons, Michel Béroff a joué avec le London Symphony Orchestra sous la direction de Pierre Boulez, le New-York Philarmonic avec Kurt Masur ainsi que le London Philarmonic pour une importante tournée en Angleterre et en Espagne. Il a aussi effectué trois tournées au Japon, dont une avec le Philarmonia sous la direction d’Esa-Peka Salonen, donné en concert à Paris l’intégrale de la musique pour piano de Debussy et de Janacek, ainsi que des concerts avec l’orchestre de Paris dirigés par Christophe Eschenbach . Il a donné de très nombreux concerts en Allemagne, Hollande, Suède, Finlande , Portugal, Grèce, Brésil, Corée et Chine .

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"Time suspended, words mysteriously embodied in other motives.  At the same time, Beroff's playing was both gregorian and minimalist, both old and new, and marvellous ... He presented himself as a pianist of full maturity ...  The resonance darkened, the touch deepened, his reflections were affirmed and one is reminded of Richter.  Bravo!"
Le Monde, Paris

"Beroff plays the more spectacular pieces with a rhythmic energy and sheer bravura which few others have even approached.  I have played parts of this set several times over, long into the night."
CD Review Magazine, London

"Sparkling with mastery and conviction, Michel Beroff brilliantly displayed rhythmic determination, expressive serenity and clearly illustrated the contours of the Ravellian language.  Very beautiful!"
Luxemburger Wort

Beroff was greeted with thrilled enthusiasm. The relaxed mood in which the two Ravel concertos were performed completely absorbed the delighted public. What spirit, what miracle of precision, what fluency, wit and poetry.
Westfälische Rundschau

Beroff's performance was particularly beautiful in the second half when he played works by Messiaen and Takemitsu. In the Messiaen the piano sounded like a full orchestra. The scale on which he performed was remarkably large and his performance was full of brilliance and radiance. There were extra seats placed in the hall - this was obviously a recital with high expectations from the audiences and there were many who travelled especially from Tokyo.
Sankei Shimbun                  

The audiences were extremely charmed by Beroff's tone supported by his technicality and expressiveness.
Matsumoto Shimin Times

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